I had a little free time today to catch up on some sewing projects. Most of the time, I have to sew at night but today, I had a blissful hour of sewing by the window in the afternoon sun. Ahhhh….. It was just enough time to finish up a pair of kids pajama pants.

With three kids, someone usually gets a hand me down. If  it’s something I’ve sewn, I hate not knowing the size of the item. So, I make homemade size labels. These are so easy and simple to make that I’m not even sure I should blog about it. It’s that simple!

All you need is a fabric marker, twill tape and some thread. I bought a black Uchida fabric marker but you could get whatever colour you wanted. I used plain natural cotton twill tape in 1/2 inch width. But again, you could get whatever width twill tape or colour you wanted.

This is how easy it is:

1. Write size number on twill tape.

2. Cut twill tape so that number is in the middle and you have an equal amount of twill tape on either size, taking into account that you’ll need a small amount of twill tape to fold under to make clean edges.

3. Fold free edges of label under to create clean edges. Pin into place. I pin it at the back of the garment.

4. Hand sew into place and voila! Sew simple it’s embarrassing!

I use these little labels for sizes but you could put whatever you wanted – “Made by….”,  “Made for…..”, “Made on…..” etc. You could get fancy I suppose and if you had some drawing skills (and a wider twill tape), you could even draw a little picture too!