Gingham has been a popular print since it first appeared in the 18th century and now Cotton + Steel has brought it back in modern colours! The Checkers Collection now joins the other super popular Basics Collections Netorious, Dottie, XOXO and Sprinkle. All of these co-ordinate perfectly with any Cotton + Steel collection. In addition to these wonderful cheery colours, the Checkers Collection are yarn dyed fabrics which give them a wonderful textures and variation in colour. (Yarn dyed fabrics means that the fabric is dyed as yarn before being woven together to make the fabric.) The come in large 2.5 inch squares, medium 1 inch squares and small 1/2 inch squares.


Here’s some inspiration for Gingham:

Martha Stewart’s Great Gingham Projects

The Checkers Yarn Dyed Collection is due to arrive in July 2016. To pre-order & reserve your yardage, email us at