What goes with this? Vintage Picnic

So many of you have been patiently waiting for this collection – Vintage Picnic! Beautiful, isn’t it? So, the oft asked question must be answered – “What goes with this?”



These are our recommended coordinating solid colour picks (see below, from top to bottom):

Bella Sand

Bella White Bleached

Kona Poppy

Free Spirit Spring

Kona Candy Green

Kona Storm

Bella Apron Strings Pink



There’s a funny thing that I’ve noticed and I know this sounds a little corny. The universe keeps on sending messages until you learn the lesson. This is the message I received today – from Vintage Picnic – of all places (see pic below).




And again, keep smiling and make today a better day for yourself (and for someone else too)!


What goes with this? Flying Colours by MoMo

We’ve always had a crush on MoMo but I think this is her best collection yet – Flying Colours! This collection has so many beautiful colours in it that it was fun to figure out what goes this.


The panel print would make a gorgeous backing (below).



What goes with Flying Colours? Here are our recommended solids (see below, from top to bottom):

Free Spirit Malachite

Kona Avocado

Free Spirit Jungle

Bella Linen

Kona Valentine

Kona Poppy




Remember to check back for more colour coordinating solids to our newest collections.

Smile and be the best you can be today!


Cotton + Steel is coming to Fabric Spot!

Cotton + Steel is an exciting new fabric design division of RJR Fabrics. Five amazing designers have banded together to form this company. You may have heard of some of these designers (wink, wink) – Alexia Abegg, Rashida Coleman-Hale, Kim Kight, Sarah Watts and Melody Miller! Each of them has  designed a collection of fabrics that are unique to their own creative vision but also, this is the best part, coordinate and complement with each other. So, you can mix and match not only within the collections but between the collections! Brilliant.

Fabric Spot will be getting the entire collection for you (including cotton linen canvas and cotton lawns). We’re hoping to have it in stock by September 2014. It’s so new that pictures of the individual prints are not even available yet to be posted. But, here are the pics I took while at Quilt Market so that you can have a quick preview of this awesome collaboration!


Hatbox by Alexia Abegg (Co-owner of Green Bee Design and Patterns, www.greenbeepatterns.com)



Moonlit by Rashida Coleman-Hale





August by Sarah Watts


This is my favourite print of the entire collection! Also, look at the tote bag using this print! Love love love it!





Homebody by Kimberly Kight



Mustang by Melody Miller



As well, they have a line of Basics which again complement with the collection. These are the coolest basics I’ve ever seen –  metallic dots, metallic X’s and mesh.



Now, I’ve saved my most favourite thing about this collection to tell you last. Each fabric collection has a wonderful collector selvage.



Oh my, oh my – can hardly wait for these collections to arrive!













Guest Post from Thread Riding Hood: Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Hi! I’m Sherri from Thread Riding Hood and I’m super excited to be guest posting for one of my favorite online fabric shops! When Karen asked me to guest post a tutorial using her Just for Fun knits I jumped on the chance. These knits are 100% certified organic cotton and are a dream to work with! The lovely Skinny Chevron that I received washed up perfectly without shrinking, and the interlocking knit is so easy to sew!

Infinity Scarf - Feature with Title


I thought I would share a simple tutorial for a child’s Infinity Scarf. This project requires sewing two seams and very little cutting or fabric – quick and easy and a really cute gift! Before we continue, please take care (as with all hand-sewn projects) and note that you must be careful placing a scarf around your child’s neck. Please ensure that an adult is watching them at all times when they are wearing it – just to be safe!

Infinity Scarf - Feature 2

Now – on with the tutorial!

You will need:

  • 12″ length of Just for Fun interlocking knit from Fabric Spot (44″ wide)
  • Optional: 1/2″ wide x 44″ length of knit fabric cut in the direction of least stretch
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing machine, scissors, pins, hand sewing needle, removable fabric marker

Here we go:

Step 1: Cutting Your fabric - (a) Cut your fabric to 12″ wide and decide on the final length for the scarf by draping it around your child. I used a 40″ length for my 3 year old daughter. (b) Add 1″ to this length to account for the seam allowance. Cut your length. If you decide to use the full 44″ width of the fabric your scarf will be approximately 43″ long when finished. (c) Fold the scarf lengthwise, right sides together matching up the long edges. (d) Pin the edges. Make sure to match any patterns if necessary.

Infinity Scarf - Step 1

Step 2: Sewing the Scarf – (a) Gather your optional 1/2″ wide strip of fabric if you are choosing to use it. I find it helps the knit sew up straighter, without as much puckering from the stretch. (b) Stitch the long pinned seam with a 1/2″ seam. If you are using the 1/2″ optional knit line it up under your presser foot and sew over it as you go. (New to knits? Make sure you use a ballpoint needle, a regular needle can cut your fabric and leave tiny holes. Stitch with a stretch stitch or a long, narrow zig-zag stitch so the fabric still has stretch once it is sewn.) (c) Turn the scarf right side out. (d) Press the seam.

Infinity Scarf - Step 2

Step 3: Closing the End of the Scarf – (a) Match the ends of the scarf, right sides together at the seam. Pin once at the seam allowance. (b) Mark a spot 3″ to the left of the seam allowance with a removable fabric marker. (c) Begin pinning on the right of your seam allowance. Match up the edges and any prints if you need to. (d) Continue pinning the fabric right sides together until you reach your mark. (e) Stitch along your pinned edge with a 1/2″ seam being careful not to stretch your fabric as you sew.

Infinity Scarf - Step 3

Step 4: Finishing Up! – (a) Push the seam into the scarf through the opening. (b) Fold the open edges inside the scarf and press. (c) Hand-stitch the opening closed.

Infinity Scarf - Step 4

Congratulations, you are done! Here’s how to wear the scarf. My daughter loves hers and is so proud that she can put it on by herself!

Infinity Scarf - How to Wear It

Thanks for following along! And thanks again to Karen for letting me try out her amazing knits.

Infinity Scarf - Feature 3

PodPillow Parson Gray

A Pod Pillow! What a great idea!

Check out this free pattern for a “Pod Pillow.” Quite honestly, I’d never heard of one of these things before I came across this pattern but what a great idea. When listening to music on your digital device or looking at a recipe while cooking, this little Pod Pillow will keep it propped up so it’s easier to see.

Make a bunch and give as stocking stuffers!

Happy sewing everyone!


CreativFestival Booth

Winner of our Spring Creativ Festival Giveaway!

I had a great time meeting you all at the Spring Creativ Festival! It was a lot of work preparing but it was worth it. Thank you to everyone who came by to see us and thank you to my family for all their hard work!

Orange Crush FQ Bundle Prize Creativ Giveaway 2013The winner of our Spring Creativ Festival Fat Quarter Bundle Giveaway is Alyssa Light! She won a custom Orange Crush Fat Quarter Bundle consisting of 7 fat quarters in various shades of orange.

Hopefully, we will see all of you again at next Spring’s Creativ Festival!


Kona Cotton Solids 28 New Colours Fat Quarter Bundle

Who’s buying from Fabric Spot?

As you know, the online world can be a rough one. So, all of us need to help each other out. I’ve decided to start a new category on my blog called, “Who’s Buying from Fabric Spot?” This is a bit of shameless self promotion and a bit of promotion for my customers. When I get orders from customers who have a blog or a retail shop, I usually always check it out. I’m curious!

Deanna P., from Cochrane, Alberta sent in an order and I decided to check out her shop too. She’s the owner of Pillowcrazies on Etsy. She makes lovely pillowcases with quality designer fabrics. Even better, she offers them in organic fabrics too. And, you know that I’m big into organic fabrics. The part that I love the most though, is that she sends the proceeds from sales to places like www.kiva.org for less fortunate women to buy sewing machines so that they can support themselves. Like I said, we all need to help each other out in this world.

Now, this is the self promotion part. This is what Deanna, kindly said about Fabric Spot:

Cheers to Fabric Spot for being Canadian, courteous, and prompt!  I make Pillowcrazies (pillowcases) as a hobby and sell them at craft markets and on Etsy.  I use only quality, designer fabric in order for this to be worth my time as well as a pleasure to my customers.  Because I do not get out of the house very often, I use online stores a lot.  In the past, I have been disappointed with the careless cutting, shabby packaging and wait time, not to mention the shipping and duty charges. Then, I found Fabric Spot online!  My fabric came neatly cut and folded.  It seemed like somebody on the other end cared about her product.   Thanks!  You’re a keeper!

Thanks Deanna!!

Piper FQ Bundle 1

What Matches with Piper?

Every time Fabric Spot gets in a new collection, I always intend to blog about what solids match with that particular collection. But, as they say, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions!” You know how it is – life gets in the way! But, I’m trying – really!

So, here are the solids that go with the gorgeous Piper collection by Dear Stella. Also, I’ve cut up fat quarter bundles with one print of each of the 15 prints in the entire collection. The collection has beautiful muted fall colours. I especially like the Airplanes print and the Queen Anne’s Lace print.


Free Spirit Designer Solid in Paprika, Kona Cotton Solid in Olive, Kona Cotton Solid in Blush Pink


Kona Cotton Solid in Snow, Free Spirit Designer Solid in True Red, Kona Cotton Solid in Blush Pink